Tale Thirty-Three

       Emmanuel passed the flag-draped coffin inside the rotunda of the Capitol
Building. "It's about time!" he grumbled. "After standing for six hours in the
        Of course he had conned some people into giving him their spots in line. One
of them was a feeble old lady. 
        With Emmanuel it was always about his own personal comfort. He would gladly
step on anyone else's toes to get it. 
        Emmanuel was not a fan of politics. He was a curiosity seeker. Misfortune of
others always got his adrenaline pumping. 
        He remembered how while standing in line, he saw a young woman crying out in
agony, "Moments like this make it impossible to enjoy being  alive!" 
         "Nonsense!" Emmanuel scoffed to himself. "I love my life. There is
absolutely no excuse not to!"
         It never once occurred to Emmanuel that the reason why he loved life so much
was because he never had to work or struggle for anything. It's easy to love
life when it contains absolutely no obstacles. What a relief that some
charitable soul was always willing to do his grunt work for him.
         "Okay, I've seen it!" he remarked as he passed the coffin. "Time to go
         As he descended those long steps, he couldn't help but notice that there were
lots and lots of police officers surrounding the area. 
             "If there are very few people at their houses in D.C. today, "
Emmanuel reasoned. "And the cops are all here....time to get me a new










 Tale Thirteen

      19-year old Sofia writhed in agony inside the UCLA Medical Center's Maternity
Ward. "When is this going to end?" she screamed. 
    "You're doin' just fine, baby!" her mother Rashida counseled.
     Sofia hated herself for getting married when she was only 18. She hated
herself even more for not using protection on her wedding night.  
    Her husband Jamal stared out the window. "What the hell's going on out
there?" he asked.
    "Jamal! Get over to your wife!" Rashida ordered.
     "Seriously," he continued. "Look at all those people out there. Some are even
holding signs." 
    "Jammmaaaaalll!" his wife wailed.
     "Comin' baby!" he answered walking over towards her. 
     "Where's the doctor at?" Rashida asked the nurse who came in to do
     "He'll be in soon," she answered. "There's a situation going on here. And
doctors are having a difficult time moving around." 
       "Why are all of those people outside?" Jamal asked.
       The nurse blushed, and stammered, "S-somebody very famous has just died." 
      "No way!" he answered. "Who?"
      "I can't divulge that," the nurse answered.
      Rashida turned on the television. On the screen was the mayhem occurring
outside of their very hospital, and a giant banner across the screen that read,
     Rashida screamed. So too did her daughter; but in agony, not shock.  "I feel
it!" she hollered. "It's coming! It's coming, now!"
     The doctor immediately rushed in. Thirty minutes later Jackson Michael
Farrett was brought into the world weighing six pounds, ten ounces.



    Carina Lamendola has sold stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul, plus GreenPrints, and Country Woman magazines. She is also a Certified ARTbundance Creative Coach/Practitioner that helps clients use creativity to deal with life's problems.  She also provides classes, and workshops to help people spark their own creativity either for professional ambitions, or personal pleasure.  Some other of Carina's careers include ad writer, broadcaster, producer, and teaching assistant.  She is proud to be a live organ donor, and next to God values her family and animals most of all!  She was educated at SUNY Potsdam, in Potsdam, NY, and the American Musical & Dramatic Academy in New York City.


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